Soaking up the last bits of summer

I can't say that summer passed by quickly but I can't say that summer passed slowly either. June was full of adventures and exploring new places, July was all about relaxing and taking everything in stride despite still working four days a week and August was the sunset to the summer. It was slow, beautiful… Continue reading Soaking up the last bits of summer


Discover: Oscar de la Renta at the De Young

Summer is here and that means that I have plenty of time to go out and travel, explore and create. I'm currently in MontrĆ©al visiting my brother (more on that in the future) and will be flying over to Maui at the end of June for some relaxation with the family. There is plenty in… Continue reading Discover: Oscar de la Renta at the De Young

Recap: The last couple months

The end of the semester is near which means that schoolwork and studying has officially taken over my life. It has been a good couple months since my last post (the inconsistency is killing me) so I thought I would share what I have been up since I always seem to be documenting my life… Continue reading Recap: The last couple months

Discover San Francisco: Japanese Tea Garden

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for Valentine's Day. Although it was a bit crowded, I managed to snap a few shots as well as take a nice stroll with my Valentine šŸ˜‰ . The tea gardenĀ consists of five acres beautifully occupied by ponds,… Continue reading Discover San Francisco: Japanese Tea Garden

Weekend Recap

I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend which called for much needed rest, pampering and of course, lots and LOTS of studying. I decided to lay low and just keep my head down so I could get everything that IĀ needed to get done, done. This involved running errands, studying, calling back people… Continue reading Weekend Recap