Soaking up the last bits of summer

I can't say that summer passed by quickly but I can't say that summer passed slowly either. June was full of adventures and exploring new places, July was all about relaxing and taking everything in stride despite still working four days a week and August was the sunset to the summer. It was slow, beautiful… Continue reading Soaking up the last bits of summer


Discover Maui: Pt.2

Welcome to part two of my Maui post! I took some pretty nifty pictures during my two week stay involving horse-back riding, nature, reggae music and flea markets. This trip was certainly one to remember and full of memories and adventures I will be sure not to forget. I'll be back Maui! Keep on scrolling… Continue reading Discover Maui: Pt.2

Discover Montreal Part 2: Street Culture

Welcome to part 2 of my Montreal adventure! Last post, I shared with you all the delicious food and coffee that the city has to offer. In between hopping from one cafe to the next, I got to walk the streets that appear similar to an art gallery. Montreal is known for their strong music… Continue reading Discover Montreal Part 2: Street Culture

Let’s Get Away: L.A.

Hey Folks! A couple weekends ago I decided to pack a bag and head down to southern California for a couple days to visit some family and friends. Luck would have it that one of my buddies had to be in L.A. that weekend so I didn't have to drive down all by my lonesome. Sometimes… Continue reading Let’s Get Away: L.A.

Discover San Francisco: Japanese Tea Garden

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for Valentine's Day. Although it was a bit crowded, I managed to snap a few shots as well as take a nice stroll with my Valentine 😉 . The tea garden consists of five acres beautifully occupied by ponds,… Continue reading Discover San Francisco: Japanese Tea Garden