Ready, Set, Reboot

Happy new year folks! The latter half of 2016 brought many changes both good and bad leading me to put my blog on hold and deal with some personal things and ensuring a somewhat smooth transition to the new year. I have been brainstorming ways to have a more guided blog as far as the… Continue reading Ready, Set, Reboot


Soaking up the last bits of summer

I can't say that summer passed by quickly but I can't say that summer passed slowly either. June was full of adventures and exploring new places, July was all about relaxing and taking everything in stride despite still working four days a week and August was the sunset to the summer. It was slow, beautiful… Continue reading Soaking up the last bits of summer

Recap: The last couple months

The end of the semester is near which means that schoolwork and studying has officially taken over my life. It has been a good couple months since my last post (the inconsistency is killing me) so I thought I would share what I have been up since I always seem to be documenting my life… Continue reading Recap: The last couple months

Out and About

I went out with a few friends to stroll about Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley and thought I would share a few snaps 🙂 Thank you to my lovely and talented friend Alannah for the pictures and her ability to make me look awesome (you can find more of her work here ->( Outfit Details: Watch/ShoreProjects,… Continue reading Out and About