Soaking up the last bits of summer

I can’t say that summer passed by quickly but I can’t say that summer passed slowly either.

June was full of adventures and exploring new places, July was all about relaxing and taking everything in stride despite still working four days a week and August was the sunset to the summer. It was slow, beautiful and unforgettable (how I feel about Maui sunsets, not sure about the other ones…), I got to do some fun things, hang out with friends who were home from college and also spend quality time with my brother.

This summer was different from my last (ahem, the reason why this blog exists), instead of exploring foreign countries, I got to spend time at home and travel with my family. It’s been a great few months and now that I have begun my first semester as a college junior, I have high hopes that I will have many more adventures to come for the rest of 2016.

Saturn Cafe with one of my best friends Jenna 🙂
What my foyer will look like when I have a fancy house (someday)
Alameda Antique Fair: Got some rad finds including a fab cow print jacket, tigger overalls and a basket to stuff all my scarfs in.
Breakfast with another friend (shoutout to Addie!)
The Coffee Shop (if you live in the east bay, check this place out!)
I was lucky enough to score a Saturday ticket to Outsidelands
Golden Gate Park, SF
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
@chezgrizzly mural at Outsidelands
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Not quite sure who the artist is! Nonetheless, it’s incredible.

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