Discover Montreal Part 2: Street Culture

Welcome to part 2 of my Montreal adventure!

Last post, I shared with you all the delicious food and coffee that the city has to offer. In between hopping from one cafe to the next, I got to walk the streets that appear similar to an art gallery. Montreal is known for their strong music and art culture which is another reason I hope to go to school there. There was always awesome street art around every corner I took. If I could give Montreal a nickname, it would be “The city of inspiration”.

(Psychic power of animals) Mural by Faith47
Mural by The Paria Crew
Mural by Etam Cru
Mural by Benny Wilding

Besides all of the incredible street art, the buildings and houses in Montreal are pieces of art themselves. Montreal resides in the Quebec region of Canada and is a primarily French-speaking city. It seems that most people can speak just as much English as French! I felt right at home not only because of the language (although the Quebecois accent is a totally different matter) but because of the French and European influence the city has. From cobble-stone streets, historical cathedrals and the structure of buildings, it was hard to believe I was in Canada.

This trip was one to remember and I hope to return very soon 🙂 Au revoir!


xx anna


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