Discover Montreal Part 1: Coffee Hopping

The beginning of June signaled a month of traveling and adventures. My first stop was Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

My brother had finished his last semester at McGill and with both my birthday and his graduation falling on the same day, it only made sense that a family trip was due. I decided to fly over a few days early to explore and visit Concordia University (first choice for transfer!). Of course, the money I had saved for this trip was to be spent on all the delicious foods and drinks the city offered (are you surprised though?).

First Stop: Delicious Cafes

Ever since I entered college, I have had a new found love for coffee which has been  blessing and a curse. Blessing? The way that coffee and coffee shops bring people together and even are a place to be by yourself and read, write etc. Curse? Headaches from withdrawal as well as fatigue and crankiness.

Cafe Myriade, Rue Mackay
Bus your dishes! Cafe Humble Lion, Rue Sherbrooke
Cafe Humble Lion from the bar
Cafe Chat L’Heureux, Avenue Duluth
Kitsune Espresso Bar, Rue Prince Arthur


*psst. . .stay tuned for part 2 of my Montreal trip 🙂 *


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