Discover: Oscar de la Renta at the De Young

Summer is here and that means that I have plenty of time to go out and travel, explore and create. I’m currently in Montréal visiting my brother (more on that in the future) and will be flying over to Maui at the end of June for some relaxation with the family.

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To get the ball rolling, I went to the De Young museum in San Francisco to see the Oscar de la Renta exhibit before it left the museum. Being one of my favorite designers that I resepct and admire, this was no exception. The De Young always does an incredible job capturing artists and preserving their pieces. I always opt for the guided tour to make the most out of the exhibit. The audio guide had some great features including extra interviews, videos and sketches. Make sure to check the museum website for upcoming exhibits, they always have great ones coming into the bay!

In fond memory of Oscar, fashion extraordinaire and groundbreaking designer that continues to decorate celebrities and people of the like today. You will always be one of the greats in the fashion design industry.


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