Discover Oakland: Trouble Coffee Co.

College has officially made me a coffee addict. It has gotten so bad that I get headaches, irritable and lethargic if I haven’t had my daily latte. Yes, I am ashamed. I have a deep appreciation for coffee shops but with my dependency on caffeine, going to a cafe or making a cup of joe doesn’t have that special feeling anymore. So with that in mind, I decided to devise a plan to tone down my coffee intake and restore my passion and appreciation for these magic beans.

I decided to alternate my days and have coffee every other day and have tea on the other days. So far, it has proven feasible although still immensely frustrating.

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I was beyond excited to take a trip with a friend to a new coffee location as a reward for my consistency and determination to become less reliant on coffee. This deserved a nice (small) latte and some toast!

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Trouble Coffee Co. is just the place for those two things. With another location in San Francisco neighboring the Golden Gate Park, I had to of course visit the one in Oakland. With a completely different vibe than the original location, the Oakland location has high ceilings with monochromatic white interior and decorations. It was a sunny day so the lighting was perfect with the sunshine flooding through the windows. Oddly enough, there were not many customers but that was probably due to the fact that is was a Friday at noon (everybody was probably at work). While the San Francisco hub has a more comfy and beach feel, they both evoke the same cool and effortless vibe.

I ordered a latte while my friend Alee got a cappuccino ,although we both decided on getting the Nutella toast. Delicious!


The beauty of this place is the no phone policy (I made sure to ask if I was allowed to take pictures). This truly is a place that encourages face to face interaction rather than sitting across from your friend while you both instagram your coffee and then proceed to scroll through your feed (yes, I am guilty of that!). It is the opportune time to spend with friends or even yourself. Enjoying the calm atmosphere and the sunny weather, I will be sure to come back.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

xx Anna


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