2016 Goals

This New Years Eve was a bittersweet one. As 2015 was coming to a close, I was overcome with thoughts and memories of what this year had brought me and what I should take away from it.

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I became saddened at the thought of loved ones who had become ill, my cousin who passed away in February and my constant struggle with myself and the way I viewed the world during 2015. All those thoughts made me angry and frustrated; how could 2015 be so cruel?

I then began to dig deeper and try to find the good parts. I discovered my love for Cat Cafe’s, I traveled around Europe and France for two months, I treated myself to a couple visits to Disneyland, I celebrated one incredible year with my boyfriend and lastly, I created this blog. Soon, my hatred and sadness turned into hope and excitement. 2015 brought so much into my life as well as many once in a lifetime opportunities. I am grateful for every 365 days 2015 has brought me and that I get another 365 to take and make new chances and memories.

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With these thoughts and revelations swirling in my head, I began to jot down goals for 2016. I’m not much of a “New Year’s Resolutions” person. The word “resolution” brings too much pressure for me and gives the impression that unless you don’t fulfill these “resolutions” or haven’t “resolved” things that you said you would last year, you have failed and left a promise empty and unfulfilled. Goals require a journey to reach your destination. You have to work for your goal, you don’t have to cut things out of your life right away or suddenly limit yourself. You are allowed to work up to those things you want to accomplish. Goals make it okay to mess up or fall back. The important part is that you get back up and keep moving forward.

I have a few goals of mine and have come at peace that there is no rush this year and that it’s okay to set my own pace:

  • Read at least one book a month for leisure
  • Save money for travel/rainy day
  • Spend more time with myself
  • Get back in touch with my creative side
  • Be outside more

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xx Anna


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