Practicing Lonerism

I recently just had to catch myself going against a piece of advice I give to my friends and family. My parents went on a trip for a week, leaving me alone with only the house and my dog. I was looking forward to having a low-key week, studying and hanging out with my pup. But soon enough I was craving company and was having friends over practically every night and doing my best to stay out of the house as much as possible. I didn’t want to be alone with my own thoughts and facing some tough things that I was going through. I was determined to be distracted. This soon backfired on me and life made me face the fact that space is good. Giving other people space and giving yourself space from other people is good.

So my advice to myself is: Space is good, it’s healthy to be alone sometimes.

I have spent this Sunday cleaning around the house for my parents, playing with my dog and studying. Other than those things, there are a plethora of opportunities when you take the time to breath and reflect on yourself. Sometimes it can be scary but it can also be great; it’s a reset button as my friend put it. I’m ready to give myself some alone time and press that reset button.

Things to make being alone less lonely:

1. Pick up a good book, surf the web, listen to music, write something

When I am on my bed with the dappling light coming through my window and resting on my bed, I enjoy reading and discovering new things on the web. It is also nice to just plop down and open a notebook and just write your feelings. You never know how much you have on your mind until you put it on paper. I am also late to the Spotify train and I just set up an account. This lets me explore new music and maybe even close my eyes and just listen to a good playlist. I am a sucker for blogs so I am constantly reading them including Free PeopleAmy Valentine and Rookie Mag. The Internet is amazing and my haven for inspiration.

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2. Take a bath

I love baths. Unfortunately here in California, we have a drought which limits my baths to a couple times a month. Baths are great for relaxing and just treating your body. It is not a true bath unless you have some bath salts either. I love lavender sea salts and the Lush bath bombs are quite nice too. After your bath, treat yourself to a nice face mask and moisturize your face and body. Stress is great on tightening your muscles even though you might not know it, that is why it is so important to rest your body and take care of it.

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3. Redecorate

Sometimes, it is good to change up the vibe of your living space and refresh it. Whether its changing your bedsheets, moving some furniture around or even tacking some nails to your wall to hang some jewelry, you will be left with even more inspiration than you started with. Having a new perspective is going to lead to an open door of possibilities,

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4. Give your pet some love

I have an adorable Miniature Schnauzer and although he always hangs out on my bed, I do not always give him the most attention. I love him very much and with school, sometimes he gets put in the back of my priorities. On these days where I take time for myself, I also take the time to spend some extra time with my canine and show him how much I love him with some good cuddles while I watch Netflix.

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