DIY: Perked Up White T

I have been a die hard do-it-yourself gal for quite some years now and l thought I would share a cute and simple project for those just delving into the DIY world. I got inspired by Youtuber LaMadelynn and her adorable video on this DIY. Patches are ruling the fashion world currently whether it be patches on jeans, jackets or shirts so let’s get started!


Gather your materials, you will need:

  • Patches (you can find some on Etsy, Ebay or anywhere online, even thrift stores)
  • Fabric Glue
  • White or plain shirt (Take it a step further and do this project on some old jeans or a jacket to kick off the cold weather season!)
  • Optional but highly recommended: Needle and thread with a side of patience



Lay out your shirt and play around with the placement of your patches. The world is your oyster, you can scatter them about or make an organized pattern. I decided to put a couple on the pocket and the others around the middle of my shirt.



This is the exciting part yay! Once you have decided on your placement, use the fabric glue to attach the patches on your shirt (I am using glue because some patches are not iron-on). Wait about an hour and then put on some music and gather patience, it is time to assure these bad boys stay in place for years to come! Thread your needle and carefully sew your patches, it takes some time but it will make sure that your patches are secure.

After you have finished, wait about 24 hours for the glue to completely dry and then throw it in the wash on the Delicate setting, dry and then voila, your fashion game is on point!


I had so much fun with this DIY and I am so excited to rock this shirt this fall. Any other DIY’s you want me to try? Comment below!

Stay tuned,

Anna B


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