The Little Things

It has been a hectic couple weeks with school starting, planning my future and setting goals. With that said, I always take the time to jot down things I have been enjoying lately or things that I am grateful for. My mother always encouraged me to have notebook so I could reflect and appreciate the things that are in my everyday life. With that said, I thought I would share the things that I have been loving/grateful for these past couple weeks. 🙂

  1. Having an inspirational studying environment
  2. Candles (Anthropologie is great at torturing me with all of their beautiful and deliciously scented candles)
  3. Book stores
  4. Yoga
  5. Afternoon tea
  6. Cuddling with my dog Bolt
  7. Making smoothies
  8. Spending more time with family
  9. Kittea in SF (I love my cat cafes)
  10. Listening and discovering new music

What have you been enjoying lately? Comment below!

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xx Anna


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