Summer Reading List

Summer to me is not only about lounging in the sun with my dog and drinking tea but mostly about spending time being engulfed by a good book. It gets harder to read for leisure during the school year but come summer time, you can find me in a book store perusing each genre of writing debating about what I should read next. Lately, I have been especially interested in reading about people and history and some fiction here and there. Reading has been the perfect escape from the stresses of travel and also a way to kill time at the airport, riding the bus or metro. I have read so many good books this summer that it only seemed fair to compile my summer reads into one post. Enjoy!

Dirty Bertie: an English King Made in France by Stephen Clarke

This book only made sense to read while I was in Paris. Clarke’s writing style is perfect for those who want to learn history but do not want to spend a whole day deciphering historical terms from a history textbook. the author takes us through the life of Prince Edward VII from a young boy to his death. Focusing mainly on his playboy lifestyle in his twenties, this book got me hooked from the first chapter and I even came out learning a few things about my own country. 🙂

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

I have totally been in girl power mode since graduating high school, especially when it comes to female comedians. I have always been curious as to how they got their claim to fame and how they were so driven and passionate about their career.  I first heard of Mindy Kaling when her character was introduced in an episode of The Office. Her character annoyed me so much yet I was so intrigued as to how a comedian could be so talented that they could make their character seem like a real person in real life. Mindy Kaling was just too darn talented! Being over due for reading her book, I picked it up at a store in the airport and there began my obsession with the one fabulous creature that is Mindy Kaling. This is one of the few books that have made me laugh out loud and I have gained so much respect for this human. Her story is incredible and inspiring and I demand for every person to read it. Go Team Mindy!

Let’s All Kill Constance by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is that one author that I can never get enough of. Although this book was not one of my top favorites of this summer, I still enjoyed the plot and the writing style of Ray Bradbury. This novel focuses on a writer (that may or may not be Ray Bradbury himself) and his quest to solve a mystery circulating around a famous Hollywood actress. This story will have you reading page to page and back again to check if you missed any clues and bring you back to a time where Hollywood was not only about fame and glamour but also tragedy and self-destruction.

So, Anway. . . by John Cleese

If you have not heard of John Cleese, you have probably heard of Monty Python in which Cleese created. Again another autobiography, I could not put this book down and had me laughing out loud all the way into the early hours of the morning, Certainly a proclaimed genius, John Cleese tells his story to fame with exquisite detail and gives a few valuable lessons here and there. By the time I finished this book, I was ready to sit down on the couch and marathon all of the Monty Python movies.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

I picked this book up at the Shakespeare and Co bookstore in Paris and by the next afternoon, I had finished it with tears streaming down my face. Never have I ever read a work of fiction so profound and thoughtful until I read this book. “A Man Called Ove” tells the story about (you guessed it), a man called Ove. Even with such a simple plot, the storyline is complex and leaves you wondering where you stand in this world and how you are going to make a difference. This book is everything. It is funny, sad, enlightening and bittersweet. No review can do this book justice, you just have to go and read it. 🙂

Keep in touch readers and stayed inspired ❤

Anna B


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