Dubrovnik and a Farewell to an Adventure

Our final destination on this two week trek was Dubrovnik, Croatia. I could not have imagined a better end to this trip; reading on the beach, traveling to an island and a breathtaking view was just what I needed. 

Dubrovnik is an amazing walled city with history and tradition. From the narrow side streets with steep steps leading to the walls to the fortress overlooking the city, I definitely wish I had one more day here to explore more islands and walk along the walls. 

   Peacock on Lokrum island, a nature preserve off the coast. 
 Side street in the Old City of Dubrovnik

 View from the beach on Lokrum island

  Tourist shenanigans
 View of the city from the fortress

I am going to miss traveling Europe but I know I will be back again visiting and discovering new countries and cities. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to travel with somebody I love so much and shares the same passion for travel as I do. It is off back to Paris for now and then back home to the states! 

Keep in touch ❤️✌🏼️




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