You never know where travel will take you and that is the best part. Knowing that Dubrovnik would be too expensive to stay for three nights, we were told to stop over in Mostar for a night since it is so inexpensive. It also happens to be filled with beauty and culture with locals that express generousity  and kindness wherever you go. 

It is still hard for me to believe that a little over twenty years ago this city was in civil war. The scars still show but are slowly starting to heal. There are bullet holes, shattered windows and abandoned homes but walk closer to the river and optimism fills the air. There are street vendors, delicious restaurants and locals that are eager to show you their traditions and culture. 

I hope my pictures will do these quick 24 hours justice and bring inspiration to all of my readers. 😊

Thank you Mostar, you were incredible. ❤️


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