How do I even begin to write about my trip in Budapest? These past few days have been so incredible and I have officially fallen in love with this city. 

This place has so much to offer and has such variety. The first thing on my list was to check out all of the vintage stores. Budapest is known to have some amazing and affordable vintage and second-hand shops. After doing some research, I made a list of the main shops I wanted to go to and off I went! There was so much to look at and many of the shops had not only vintage but also Hungarian clothing brands and local designers. Ah-mazing! Sputnyik, Ludovika, Retrock and Jajicica are ones I recomend for anyone traveling to Budapest and looking for some rad finds. I was not dissapointed and left with some treasures including a dress, shirt and an Amethyst crystal pendant. 


After Vintage shopping came the Cat Cafe! I am not sure when these places started popping up but I think its the greatest idea ever created by humans. Budapest had two but we went to the one that was most popular and in the city center. The cats were so friendly and the food was good and cheap. I was amazed at how friendly and affectionate these felines were, they were all over us! Definitely a highlight of this trip. 🐱


One thing I found out about myself on this trip is that I love Hungarian food. And again, everything here is so affordable, you can’t feel bad about going out to dinner :). From Jewish street food to Goulash, everything here will please your taste buds. 

Other things we did in Budapest included:

  • Footbaths
  • Thermal baths
  • Szt. Istaván Basilica
  • Memento park
  • The castle
  • Lots and lots of hungarian food
  • The opera house
  • Heros Square


 Thank you Budapest for showing me a great time. See you soon. ✌🏼️😉❤️


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