Jean Paul Gaultier et le St. Martin Canal

It has been an absolutely fantastic week of walking and just taking in the world (and the tourists). Yesterday consisted of going to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition at the Grand Palais. He has got to be one of my absolute favorite designers. It was not the first time I had seen this particular exposition, I had seen it at the De Young Museum in San Francisco a few years back and ever since then, Gaultier has been a major influence in the way I dress and express myself. I love how creative he is and despite being rejected by top fashion houses (YSL thought that his colors were too bold), he made his mark in the world and continues to push boundaries today. He reminds me to be myself and to express myself full throttle. Life is a runway. Make a statement.

After the Grand Palais, we went to the farmers market on the Champs-Elysees and admired all of the fresh fruits and charcuterie. There was quite a line for the smoothie stand so we settled for beer instead. Can’t say I have had a beer while looking at the Arc de Triomphe before! (Don’t worry, I am of legal age here and apparently drinking in public is allowed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?). We then took the Metro to Les Places Des Vosges so I could show Tyson Victor Hugo’s house. It was my first time actually going INTO his house so I was quite excited. We saw a brief exposition of Victor Hugo and Louis Soutter’s drawings and their influences. It was amazing to see Soutter’s sketches and how alike they were to Hugos’s. Victor Hugo’s drawings were much more ominous and dark unlike Soutter’s in which he drew with more of a cross-hatch and light method. Finally, we got to see Victor Hugo’s apartment. Boy did people like their drawing rooms, he had two! It was definitely an eery atmosphere being in his bedroom and knowing that he had lived and eventually died in that apartment. Leaving the museum left me wanting to read all of Victor Hugo’s written works and poems.

Today, Tyson and I visited the St. Martin Canal, a now very hip neighborhood to be in where trendy eateries and kitsch boutiques are plentiful. We had lunch at an asian fusion bar Siseng where I had the most amazing burger of my life! Food in France is just better ๐Ÿ™‚ We also enjoyed one of their house made drinks which was very tasty. I believe it was made of green tea, ginger ale, Kaffir and lemon leaves. It was refreshing considering how hot and humid it has been this week (91 degrees fahrenheit to be exact yesterday). After having our fill, we walked along the canal enjoying the ducks and people having picnics along the water.

IMG_5286 IMG_5303 IMG_5302

Hopefully, my writing has not been too terrible and boring to read! It has been fun writing this blog and sharing all the fun things I have been doing. I am going to try to include more fun and personal things in between big posts like these so stay tuned!


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